Boys From Indiana announce interview series


seated L to R: Tom Holt, Aubrey Holt, Jerry Holt- The legendary Boys From Indiana


After 21 years in retirement, the remaining Boys From Indiana and brothers Aubrey, Jerry, and Tom Holt gathered together on February 16th, 2016, for a rare on-camera interview. The interview took place at the residence of Tom Holt, whose next-door neighbors include brothers Aubrey, Jerry, and Bill. The interview was organized and filmed by their nephew, Tom Feller, and conducted by Bluegrass journalist, Daniel Mullins.

BFI interview

L to R: Jerry Holt, Tom Holt, Aubrey Holt, Daniel Mullins


Tom said the following, regarding the interview: “In January of 2015, I approached Aubrey with the idea of a website/online museum and he agreed it would be a good idea. Since then, I’ve been sifting through a mountain of photographs, video, music and memorabilia that has come out of the woodwork. I’ve created the basic website for the Boys From Indiana and am in the process of adding a VIP section where members can enjoy a large, original database that will combine classic photos, exclusive videos, original BFI music, and some unreleased songs they recorded through the years and even some authentic remakes of their classic songs that were painstakingly recorded with an all-star cast of the Boys From Indiana Tribute band. These new songs will send chills up and down your spine when you listen, as they were arranged exactly like the originals and are about as close as you’re going to hear of those classic arrangements the Boys did years ago.”


In 2005, after ten years in retirement, Aubrey joined his son, Tony Holt and the Wildwood Valley Boys, whose music also bears a strong resemblance to those early Boys From Indiana sounds. In February 2015, Aubrey began experiencing kidney and heart problems that have forced him off the road he traveled and loved for so many years. In December 2015, Aubrey’s health seemed to be improving and he was feeling better than he had in months and began writing songs again and showed a strong interest in getting together with brothers Tom and Jerry for an interview. The idea was born to conduct a full interview with the remaining family members who made up the Boys From Indiana to help promote the new website being built, which will honor their successful twenty-two year career.


Tom continues, “Since the formation of Feller and Hill and the Bluegrass Buckaroos, in 2009, virtually everywhere we go…people ask us about the Boys From Indiana and how Aubrey, Jerry, and Tom are doing. And of course, I always get stories about uncle Harley. There are still so many people out there that love the Boys and the music and hospitality they always showed their fans and friends. The idea of a website and online museum seems like a no-brainer to me. It will give fans a chance to reconnect with the music and entertainers they loved for so many years and it will give young folks, who’ve never heard of the Boys From Indiana, a birds-eye view of who they were and what they did and the great music they wrote. I feel like there’s a whole new generation of people who are missing out on this music and I want to preserve it and share it with as many people out there as possible.”


The first video in this interview series can be seen here where the Boys are asked about their uncle Harley Gabbard:


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