Boys From Indiana 2016 interview Part 2 released

BFI interview

We are excited to announce part two in our interview series, from our February 16th, 2016 interview with original members Aubrey and Jerry and brother Tom Holt. The three brothers, along with uncle Harley Gabbard made up the Boys From Indiana, one of the most successful bluegrass groups of all time.

Although they’re over 20 years into their musical retirement, the boys have many stories to tell in this ongoing series. Many of the stories of our interview seem to center around Harley Gabbard. Harley passed away in 2003, but left a permanent impression on the bluegrass world as one of the most unique personalities ever to hit the stage. Harley was loved by many fans on and off stage and his charisma and natural wit made him a favorite with every audience he appeared before.

This installment visits the history of Harley and Aubrey’s musical beginnings and how they were more like siblings than uncle and nephew. They were always in competition with each other at a young age and Aubrey’s stories help illustrate how the boys got their start.

Interview #2

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